I seem to have had Google on the brain today. Both of my posts on Dice covered them.

Google’s Whittaker On How to Annoy Your Past Employer

Ex-Googler James Whittaker posted a longish explanation of why he left the company on his blog, lamenting what he sees as Google’s change from a tech company to an advertising business. Google, he says, has lost its way, forsaking innovation for a focus on catching up with Facebook. And that means… >>Read the whole post

Google Gambles Big Bucks on Milk’s Kevin Rose

Google’s taking a leap of faith here. Rose was a popular Web TV and podcast host, but Oink was only out there for 90 days, which means it doesn’t leave much of a track record. No one will ever know if its popularity could be sustained. And, building a social following for yourself when you’ve got a video show to build on doesn’t seem as tricky as taking a network that’s something of a ghost town and enticing people to join. It’s hard to see where Rose and his team, talented as they might be, constitute of multi-million dollar magic bullet.  >>Read the whole post

Kind of interesting what’s going on at Google. One critique does not a trend make, so my focus on James Whittaker is more about unintended consequences than his opinion of the company. As for Kevin Rose,  paying big bucks for someone who may or may not be a consistent hitter makes me think they’re thrashing around a bit. I expect there’s much chuckling going on at Facebook.